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  The Holistic Health Network is an online community of practitioners and patients seeking alternative health solutions. This online community offers a way to easily connect practitioners with patients. Practitioners, centers or studios can join the network which will allow patients to locate them easily through our search function. Patients can join the network and receive notification when a new Practitioner joins the network in their local geographic area. Connecting Practitioners and patients is the goal of the "The Holistic Health Network".

By entering your email address and a password below, you will become a Member of the Holistic Health Network. You will be notified of new practitioners and centers in your area as well as upcoming events. This "membership" is a basic membership for individuals who wish to receive current information from us. If you are a practitioner or center, please use the registration to the right.

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Holistic Health practitioners come in all flavors. What allows them to be placed in a group like this is a common belief that you need to look at the whole person when treating them for an illness. They believe you need to pay attention to the body, the mind, emotions, and the spirit. The techniques differ and the emphasis will differ depending upon the client's needs.

The techniques tend to be less invasive and have fewer side effects than traditional medicine. There has also been less research and independent verification of the benefits of holistic medicine compared to traditional medicine. Therefore, a few words are in order.

Don't abandon traditional medicine. If you break a leg you are probably better off at a hospital emergency room than seeking out an aroma therapist!

What kinds of things do holistic health professionals do? Everything from Acupuncture to Massage and Bodywork to Nutrition and Spiritual Counseling.

Some have no tools other than their own body and mind. Some have needles, black boxes, biofeedback machines and an array of natural substances for you to taste, smell or even burn on your body.

Another difference among holistic health professionals may be the length of treatment. Some will be able to almost work miracles in a single session. Other times it might take a lifestyle change on your part to gain any benefit.

Did I mention that with most Holistic Medicine practitioners you are expected to contribute some effort to your own healing?

One final word. The licensing and regulation of practitioners is not uniform. Different states have different rules (or no rules). Use this network as a first step to finding the unique person and style that will bring you the greatest benefit.

This network was launched in August of 2002 and is being updated every day. If today you don't find a practitioner near you, come back in a month.

Diet and health for your wedding

In today’s article we will focus on those who need to lose a few kilos and do not know where to start. But I gave you a couple of announcements before:

  1. Maybe you’re here to lose weight for your wedding and you should be careful with that. Ask yourself: Do you really need it or do it to be thinner, more “models”? We recommend you be well aware of the difference.

  2. If the question is that you really need to lose weight for your wedding, keep in mind that it is not only for your wedding, it is for your life , for your health, not to feel good one day, but all the days of your life.

    Notices given, let’s go for the tips!

    • Mentality = will. The first step you should take to lose weight is to train your mind. If you want to lose weight but your mind does not stop shouting: “I want an ice cream!” “Go into the bakery!” “Total, we’re never going to lose weight” “I do not want to exercise, it’s very hot” “This effort is not good for nothing “, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to continue with the diet, or go to the gym, or refuse the dessert. If you manage to correct your thoughts, you will create an auspicious attitude, with a strong will, that will pave the way for you.

    • No to self-deception. This point has a lot to do with the previous one. If you deceive yourself saying that you eat well or that you do enough exercise, and it is not, you will be moving away from your goal, without achieving any results.

    • Go to a nutritionist. This is of vital importance to avoid rebound diets or those lacking essential nutrients. Here we remind you that eating fat is not bad, nor is skipping breakfast, but restricting food is, and watch out! That many foods that sell us as healthy are not really.

    • Exercise. And if it is in the best company. That’s why we advise you to go to a gym and do group activities. Not only for sports, it is also a perfect place to socialize and disconnect a little from the daily burden.

    • Beware of stress. At this point in life you will already know what happens to you with stress: there are people whose appetites are open; others eat less. Keep in mind what your case is and try not to be affected: both ends are bad for your health.

    And we could continue with the advice but as a base, these seem quite interesting to take into account. Remember that this is not only for the day of your wedding photography, or to feel beautiful. The really important thing is that you get favorable results and you are able to maintain them throughout your life, together with that of your partner. If you are going to be together “in both health and illness”, it is always better in health, right?

Health and Wellness Applications for BlackBerry

Just as our cell phones have become tools for taking pictures and listening to music, they are now elements that we find almost impossible to do without, that we take everywhere and that we use to complete tasks in which a device was previously unthinkable. Thus, the mobility of the  smartphone  has led developers to see the potential in the creation of applications that help lead a healthier life.

In a world where some blame the mobile technology of human sedentary, the development of devices and applications equipped to keep us healthy has been responsible for giving gadgets uses that contribute to the benefit of our health. These devices range from accessories designed to monitor our movements, breathing and beats to sensors installed in our smartphones that are responsible for recording the phases of sleep informing us if we are resting enough. In this context, there is a lot of profit that can be made to smartphones or  tablet PCs.

These applications vary in purpose and way of achieving it, the menu is varied, for example: there are applications that realize a caloric account of our daily foods and suggest changes in our eating habits, there is a sea of ​​different applications that help us to exercise, from a gym coach on your screen until calorie counter burned by activity performed (whether walking to work, climbing stairs or riding a bicycle). Others are designed to monitor some medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, being not only beneficial for health but also providing invaluable information for the treatment of the patient.

Other applications focus on providing information on nutritional content of foods. Including popular foods and differentiating between dangerous level of health and physical wellbeing through tests and calculations such as Body Mass Index (BMI), optimal heart rate and more.

Top Ten Review  recently published the ranking of the best applications to keep fit for BlackBerry PGP phones, here we passed the review of the Top 3:

1. Ascendo Fitnes

Taking into account your height, age, weight and gender this application automatically shows a comparison of your idea weight, BMI and basal metabolism in contrast to your current reality. Once your goal is established, this application helps you achieve it with a variety of tools that allow you to enter consumed foods, measure daily activity, as well as graph and predict the time it will take to reach your goal.

2. Gym Technik Review

This application helps you plan and monitor your routine in the gym, as well as suggest new exercises to complement your routine. Easy to use and free, Gym Technik Review is indispensable for gym fanatics and novices alike.


3. Total Fitness 2.0

This application computes your age, sex, height, weight and general activity level to calculate your basal metabolic rate. Already informed allows you to enter your ideal weight and the date on which you would like to reach it. The program then tells you how many calories you need to burn daily according to your diet. As you progress toward your weight and fitness goals, the program will automatically adjust the rate of your metabolism.

Keep the health of your locks with the best locksmiths

When we say that it is always better to be alert to possible accidents that may occur, we are not exaggerating, since, in some cases, the remedy can be worse than the disease, making a simple avoidable accident become a true fact unpleasant. This logic can be applied in many cases, so the universe of the locksmith is not exempt from this rule.

Our team of locksmith in preston knows this reality perfectly, which is why their extensive knowledge of the field in which they work has allowed them to draw up a work plan that is as appropriate as it is effective. In other words, there is nothing safer than keeping a constant check on our health status and that is why our company has decided to take this policy to all enclosures and locks.

Indeed, our cheap locksmiths agree that all locksmith parts are prone to suffer from a problem as a result of everyday use and daily wear. Regardless of the quality, time or brand of these tools, both natural and human aggressions have a negative effect on the correct functioning of the locks, which is why our locksmiths in Murcia have developed a complete maintenance service.

Just by contacting us, the client can receive a professional at his home, who will be in charge of carrying out a maintenance of the piece in question, to prevent it from suffering damages in the future. Whether it’s domestic locks or commercial blinds, regular maintenance will dramatically extend the life of these items.

To know more details about our maintenance service, do not forget to visit the official page of Murcia Cheap Locksmiths . There you will find all the information you need to get in touch with us through our phone or our email address.

Drinking coffee is good for your health

There are many people who can not give their day started without one, two or three cups of coffee from singapore coffee machine rental, a liquid that leaves us ready to face reality, something more awake. But this drink also has other health benefits .

There is an idea that coffee is bad for our body, but doctors have discovered a number of good benefits for our body that come from coffee consumption . Do you want to know what they are?

Lower risk of diabetes

Unless you drink your coffee with six tablespoons of sugar, its consumption has been shown to reduce the chances of suffering from type II diabetes , a condition detected more frequently.

For every cup of coffee we drink daily, the risk drops by 7%, reaching a daily limit of 63%. That yes, must be linked to healthy habits of food and exercise.

Prevents Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

These two debilitating diseases that attack the nervous system have been shown to be less common among those who consume coffee on a regular basis.

In the case of Alzheimer’s , the risk decreases by up to 60% and as for Parkinson’s , the decrease goes between 32% and 64%.

Protection of the liver

That coffee that we drink to revive after a night of drinking, would have more benefits than helping us overcome that drunkenness.

Coffee reduces the risk of cirrhosis, a condition that can lead to total liver failure and also prevents the chances of liver cancer .

Physical state

If you want to be slim and in optimal physical condition, coffee can be your ally, since consuming it improves the metabolism and removes the fatty acids from the muscles.

Likewise, athletes who drink coffee proved to have a better sport performance.

The benefits are greater, because thanks to the amount of antioxidants , vitamins and essential minerals that are present in coffee, it is one of the richest foods in these important substances for our body.

Coffee is not a medicine

As they say that having a glass of wine a day helps your heart, consuming coffee in a moderate way is beneficial for your health. But if we go to drink several glasses of wine or ten cups of coffee, the negative will surpass the positive.

If you drink coffee , avoid supplementing it with sugar or a large amount of artificial sweeteners and do not drink too close to bedtime, it can complicate you at the time of falling asleep.

5 movies about real diseases

In the cinema it is common to see stories, fantastic, mysterious, funny and even surprising; However, many of his scripts are based on real life, reaching to touch the purest fibers of human life. Health problems have not escaped this issue, questioning and describing the situation of strange diseases, the feelings of patients and the point of view of who externally suffers the problem.


Then we invite you to know some of the examples of Kostenlos Filme taken to the big screen, informing you of the synopsis and the suffering that involves each one:

Trapped with no way out (mentally ill)

This winning story of 5 Oscars, presents Randle Patrick McMurphy (protagonist of the story), who to avoid jail convinces the judge to be admitted to a psychiatric institution.

The story portrays what life could be like inside a center for the mentally ill, little by little situations are discovered in which patients play different roles in the group of inmates.  Some develop true psychiatric problems, while others base their biggest problem on depression and self-esteem.

The Spanish portal lavanguardia.es reported that 20% of adolescents worldwide have some mental health problem that involve psychiatric behavior, according to the annual report on the State of the World’s Children (EMI) of Unicef.

A brilliant mind (Schizophrenia)

Film based on the life of John F. Nash, suffering from schizophrenia, who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1994, as  co-author of the theory of the game and participated in the World Congress of Psychiatry held in Madrid in 1996, offering a talk about of his experience as a patient.

The film narrates the arrival of Nash at Princeton University in 1947 and the beginning of the symptoms of schizophrenia in the late 50s, so the film reflects the different stages and states through which he passed, as a patient, until achieving an acceptable level of recovery.

About 1 million Mexicans suffer from schizophrenia . Each year 250,000 people are hospitalized for mental disorders in the Psychiatric Hospitals of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) where 5 out of 10 patients are schizophrenic, a disease that currently affects 1 in 100 people in the world.

Bad Habits (Eating Disorders)

While it is a Mexican film, the story raises a reflection of a world in which some want to be able to eat, while others waste or abhor this act. The film describes how anorexia and bulimia ceased to be exclusive diseases of social classes or international catwalks , to become a situation that equally  affects a nun, a mother of a family, that a girl.

There is a big difference in the use of the term anorexia and anorexia nervosa. People commonly associate the two as the same. Although both terms denote the loss of appetite of a person; the term anorexia denotes the physical inability to detect hunger.  However, the term anorexia nervosa refers to a psychological state in which the individual distorts his or her vision of appetite and eating habits appropriate to extreme measures of food deprivation.

The eyes of Julia (Blindness)

The story is about twin sisters Julia and Sarah, both suffering from a degenerative disease that keeps them progressively blind.

When not receiving news of his sister Julia decides to go in his search. Upon arriving at the place where she must have been, Sarah discovers that she has committed suicide; However, this is not enough for Julia who not only must face the loss of her sister, but also the loss of all hope to stop her imminent blindness, since she suffers from the same disease and seems to share her same destiny.

The clinical signs of vision loss are: blurred vision, complete blindness, eye pain with redness of the eye, sensation of seeing “flying flies” or “luminous rays”.

Timely detection is important for the ophthalmologist to make an accurate diagnosis and the necessary procedure can be carried out to restore the problem.

Goodbye to the vegas (Alcoholism)

A classic film that shows the extreme of alcoholism. A man who loses his job and goes to Las Vegas spending his last economic resources on alcohol. What makes this film a painful testimony for those who have suffered from this disease.

In the film, the classic scenes of an alcoholic glass are not presented as a sign of sophistication and status.

Goodbye to Las Vegas is not a film against the consumption of alcohol, it is a heartbreaking and painful testimony, in which one can observe the reactions of the withdrawal syndrome, the mood swings of a person suffering from alcoholism and a tendency to self destruction.

In reality there are many tests to diagnose alcoholism, usually in the form of standardized questionnaires that the patient can do on their own or in the form of an interview conducted by the doctor. Since alcoholics often deny their problem or lie about it, the tests are designed to elicit responses related to problems associated with drinking, rather than the amounts of liquor consumed or specific drinking habits.

The fastest test takes only one minute; it is called the CAGE test, an acronym for the following questions: (C) (Cut) attempts to reduce drinking; (A) (Annoyance) annoyance with criticism about drinking; (G) (Guilt) blames about drinking; and (E) (Eye-opener) use of alcohol in the morning, literally “eye opener”.

Eat healthy and without waste when traveling by plane

When we travel by plane we are accustomed to eating the food that the www delta extranet airline provides us, that is, a hot meal and a snack, two complete meals and a round of drinks. It all depends on the duration of the flight. When we begin to eat in a conscious way, those packaged dishes are anything but appetizing.

At the end of November I traveled to New York, to visit my sister and accompany her to buy her wedding dress . Just one day before my flight I remembered that my trip would last about 10 hours, a little more, between transfer to the capital, waiting time, flight with its food full of conservatives. So I decided to prepare my takeaways , but before long a little research was going on.

It turns out that you can take your food, you can pass them for safety and enjoy them in your seat during the flight, but there are some points to consider – especially with liquids.

A lunch box is useful

This is a good opportunity to prepare a bento very Japanese style or remember the collations that our mother prepared us for school. You can also improvise with refractories you have at home.

If you want to take your drink prepared, as long as you take it before you go through security. At this point it is very important to consider that no liquids pass above 100 milliliters – including dressings -. Bring more coffee or tea for the flight, just ask for some hot water for your thermos and ready.

No metal cutlery

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to climb with knives or metal forks. So it’s a good time to invest in a set of bamboo cutlery to carry – even so, I recommend that you do not take the knife by the hand. Better to prevent!

Consider travel times

In my case, I left the house at 01:00 am, I arrived at the airport at 4:00 p.m. and my flight left at 7:00 p.m., at 14:00 I was already in the streets of Manhattan. I thought of bringing enough for a small snack, breakfast and lunch, which brings us to the next point.

Plan your menu

Considering the hours, the transfer and the moments of the trip, in addition to what I had at the time in the cupboard, I prepared the following in a large refractory, with smaller ones inside:

  • Leaves for green tea
  • Chai tea blend
  • Alfalfa germ sandwich, avocado and lots of spinach with ezequiel bread
  • Quinoa salad with lemon and walnuts
  • Organic almond butter and blueberries sandwich
  • A serving of dehydrated fruit
  • Delicious kale chips
  • A bit of natural stevia – fearing a bit to be stopped by, you know

In general, nutritious, natural and complete foods, following a conscious , prepared food at home.

In the end I enjoyed the process, preparing my own food, sharing them on the trip – I had to sit next to a beautiful elderly couple, who were fascinated with my flight lunch.

Finally, the whole process was carried out without generating garbage, or waste – such as plastic cutlery, unicel glasses, napkins, packaging – being aware of the environmental impact generated (as well as paying my CO2 bonus to compensate for the trip ).

5 care for small breed dogs

When we decide that a pet is part of our lives, we know that we must take care of their care and welfare in different aspects. But, as you may have noticed, not all animals require the same attentions. Today we tell you about the specific needs of small breed dogs .

1- M ost care in extreme temperatures for small dogs

Dog in summer

It is well known that the coat of the can acts as a thermal regulator both in cases  of cold and heat. But small dogs, if their cloak is not dense, run the risk of losing temperature quickly , due precisely to their small size since their fat layer is also usually smaller.

Keep in mind that the hypothermia are frequent in animals that pes to n less than two kilos .

For these reasons, it is essential that you keep your furry in proper clothing, especially when you go out into the street. But you should not only protect it from low thermal marks. Keep in mind factors like wind, rain and humidity can make you feel even colder than the thermometer.

Not all animals require the same care. Today we tell you about the specific needs of small breed dogs.


The metabolism of a small can works at a higher rate . This happens in part because as we already mentioned, you should make a greater effort to maintain your body temperature. That’s why you need to eat more often and consume a higher number of calories.

In the market for pet products there are feeds made specifically for dogs of small breeds, which in addition to considering their nutritional needs, take into account the size of their mouth . The smaller croquettes, then, facilitate their ingestion and take care of their oral health.

Consult your veterinarian about the best options on balancing your furry. And if you decide to give him homemade food , make sure you are providing him with a proper diet without any doubt.


Some breeds of small dogs can suffer a greater deterioration in their dental pieces, which usually begin to manifest from the 3 years of life . Among the signs that should draw your attention on this issue, stand out:

  • Bad breath.
  • Bleeding gums.
  • Refuse to examine your mouth, because of the pain or discomfort you are feeling.

The usual brushing of your teeth, then, is a fundamental tool to take care of the health of your can’s mouth . Again, go to a professional to explain how you should do and what products to use to properly perform this task. But also brushing must add periodic checks and cleanings by the veterinarian.

In addition, give the right food for their size, and even dental bars as prizes, will help to keep clean their teeth and the removal of tartar . On the other hand, some toys, by their specific design, help to remove plaque.


Although the nail cut is part of the usual care of every dog, it is a topic that you should pay more attention to. smallest dog breeds need their cuticles to be cut more often, as they are less likely to wear them naturally than their larger congeners.

The main reason is that they spend much of the time inside the house, where they do not find too many options to wear their nails , as if they could do it if they exercised more assiduously outdoors . In addition, their low weight does not help that they are fading.

To avoid that the length of the nails make difficult the movements of your peludín, you will have to cut them often. If you have doubts about how to do it correctly or you fear hurting him, ask the vet to lend you a hand with this item.


Veterinary emergency

Heart valves can cause problems for about 60 percent of small dogs , causing this organ to weaken and not pump enough blood.

These inconveniences begin to manifest more frequently since the animals reach a decade of life.

Being alert for signs such as excessive panting and periodic checkups can help prevent these heart diseases from your pet .

Basic Health Marketing Strategies

A good health marketing strategy can help you get new patients for your business, increase your income and improve your reputation. These marketing strategies can be in printed form, in television, radio, Internet, etc. We focus here on Internet health marketing , which is a relatively new trend for many healthcare companies and for health care providers. Marketing in the health sector in particular, is not a decision that must be taken lightly by the implications that can lead.

Why should any health care business have a presence online?

Today, most of your potential patients are using the search engines – not the yellow pages – to find information and services about medical care. If your company does not have online presence in the form of a medical website, then it will not be able to be contacted by your potential clients.

If a healthcare company has a website but is not optimized for search engines then it is more than likely that this medical website will not show up in the first results of a search. The best medical sites use search engine optimization strategies to appear on the first page of Google results, which in the end are the ones that are going to be visited by the vast majority of users.

It’s not just that you will not find more potential patients, about 80 percent according to some studies, but most likely your competitors are using the Internet to promote their business, and have the opportunity that you are missing out on attracting those patients .

A very simple way to check what your competition is doing is to perform a Google search with the name of the health care business or medical specialty as the search phrase, and may also make geographical limitations, such as “dental clinics in Madrid “And check that on the first page of the search come 7 clinics in Madrid, with situation plan included, and is not yours.

Another easy way to start studying the competition, is to look for keywords that you believe a real patient could use to find your services, and see what comes out. Once we have these search results, there are tools to know why these dental clinics are the ones that appear, and what they are doing to be there, so as a first step, we can try to do the same or even the sum of the actions Taken by several of the clinics and thus position ourselves better.

Whether you do not have a medical website and therefore do not appear, or have it but the competition is positioned better, these searches will give you an idea of ​​what is being promoted and showing potential patients.If you are not aware of the keywords that are used the most or do not know how to improve your positioning in Google, contact medical experts on the internet and they will guide you on this point.

Online Medical Reputation

Many medical professionals spend their careers concerned and focused on building a good reputation. A good online marketing strategy will   increase your medical reputation at all levels without any hesitation .Managing your online reputation is crucial to the future of your health care business, as well as to attract a flow of patients. You have to be certain that more and more potential patients are using the Internet, both search engines and social networks, to seek the comments, opinions and experiences of other patients who have visited or used their health care services.

You want to promote your company or brand positively, after all, you only need a bad review to tarnish your reputation.

seo experts can help you in your business to increase patient flow, increase your positive referrals, maximize your income and improve your reputation.

Four Benefits of Using Vacuum Cleaner vs. Broom

New vacuum cleaners from Electrolux have the Hepa Filter, which filters out more than 99.9% of the dust particles.

One of the main goals of cleaning tasks is to free the home from pollutants that may affect the health of the family.

For example, when sweeping we seek to eliminate dust and waste that cause disease, but is it really?

Jorge Luis Ramirez, an Electrolux vacuum cleaner , tells us no: it is better to use the best budget vacuum, as the broom does not totally eliminate the dust and can influence the occurrence of allergies. The expert then gives us 4 reasons why it is better to use a vacuum cleaner than a broom:

1. Saving time .
The vacuum cleaner performs this job in 5 times less time than the broom. In 3 minutes you can finish with the task that the broom would end in 15, which leaves you 80% of the time you usually devote to cleaning to do something else.

2. Performance .
The broom does not clean completely, as it always leaves some residue, while the vacuum cleaner absorbs up to 99% of dust and impurities.

3. Health care .
The broom raises the dust and mites it contains, while the vacuum cleaner absorbs and prevents direct contact with the dust. This influences the reduction of allergies and respiratory diseases.

4. Ergonomics .
The disproportionate size of the broom compared to the average height of a person, generates bending of the back with the prolonged use. For its part, the vacuum cleaner allows a better posture, because it has accessories that prolong the hose making it an ergonomic tool.

According to the model, the new Vacuum cleaners have different compartments where dust is stored and prevents direct contact with who cleans. In addition, all have a HEPA filter , a feature that allows filtering of the smallest particles, absorbing up to 99, 9% powder, and is specially designed for allergy sufferers, as it will prevent sneezing and discomfort during cleaning.


The World Movement for People’s Health is a body based in 90 countries whose motto is “Health for All and All Now”. Obviously, it understands health as a concept that goes far beyond the mere absence of disease. He understands it in a broad sense, which embraces elemental but often forgotten dimensions , such as access to culture, aesthetic expression, and above all, the capacity for reflection. How to solve our problems without a level of reflection, personal and community?
Last year, the MSP and the writer agreed to cooperate in relation to the travel project that concerns me, that is, to travel the continent of Argentina to Alaska aboard the Americyclo . My plan includes free educational events in schools, neighborhoods, communities and villages on the continent. Through talks accompanied by photographic samples, I hope to promote inter- cultural knowledge and in this way, peace. I propose to smuggle horizontal knowledge among peoples, not mediated by the establishment information structure . Although charge photographs printed on paper, now the World Movement for People ‘s Health has provided me with this great portable projector Aipteck V-10 Pocket Cinema .
In this way, I no longer depend on the schools in question to have their own projector. In fact, it is there where the show is more important, in the humblest places. Now, with this device, even in the smallest villages, it will suffice me to close the windows and turn on this small portable cinema, and magically , people and landscapes that have populated my eyes in the already traveled will come alive. Sharing the hospitality received, I want to communicate a more human world, less irremediable than the one invited by the media, and that is functional to individual isolation and consumerism.
. In addition, the projector will allow me to show films and documentaries on mining topics in sites particularly affected by these conflicts. Check this link www.heimkinoleinwandtest.de/heimkino-beamer-test for more information.

Health says Islamic rite incompatible with mortuary law

The Community responds to a consultation of the City Council on the rules that apply to Muslim funeral rites

Ciudad Real Hospital creates a collaborative gynecological care network with health centers and pharmacies

The General University Hospital of Ciudad Real, a subsidiary of the Health Service of Castilla-La Mancha, hosts the second Manchega Women’s Encounter Forum (FEMMA), a platform that gathers more than A hundred professionals with the aim of improving gynecological care and solving women’s most frequent doubts about their health.

To this end, a collaborative gynecological care network is established, in which family doctors, midwives, gynecologists and pharmacists participate, forming a “care chain to provide the best assistance to women and solve their gynecological doubts quickly.”

This was explained at the inauguration of the forum by Dr. Javier Haya, head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics, you can also visit here www.midatlanticobgyn.com.


Service of Ciudad Real and promoter of the meeting, whose contribution is from the outset “to establish the same clinical care protocols and strengthen the gynecological knowledge of the Health professionals in different fields including the pharmaceutical sector. ”

Pharmacies “are a fundamental link”, because no matter how far a person is from the health center will always find a pharmacy nearby in which to solve their most basic doubts. “Without these initial interventions, many problems would have required clinical attention,” says Haya in a forum where the president of the Association of Pharmacists of Ciudad Real, Francisco José Izquierdo, participated.

For its part, the Provincial Director of Health, Francisco José García, has opted to promote comprehensive training and work in collaboration with the various professional colleges by expanding the participation of Primary Care, Nursing and Midwifery professionals.

It is a matter of promoting the “transversality of knowledge” that results in better attention to the most frequent gynecological problems, he added. Also, Garcia has encouraged to add the experience of the College of Nursing, whose contribution will be valuable to improve the care circuit.

Main news

Among the main novelties of the scientific program that has articulated this second edition of the Meeting Forum on Manchega Women is the vaccine against recurrent candidiasis, a type of habitual infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans, for which a Innovative final solution in collaboration with the University of Alcalá de Henares.

The most frequent gynecological pathologies such as fibroids, polycystic ovary or adnexal formations, as well as their follow-up by the Gynecology department have been analyzed by Dr. Vanessa Aguilar, who has completed with Dr. Jesús Salinas and Guillermo Romero, responsible Of the areas of Urology of the San Carlos Clinic of Madrid and of Dermatology of the City Hospital, respectively, the training program of the morning.

In the second phase of the meeting, the women’s most frequent doubts regarding emergency contraception, the obstetric card as a necessary resource for pregnancy monitoring, the interpretation of a cytology or the early detection of cervical cancer, As well as the novelties that exist for the detection of fetal chromosomopathies.

Five health benefits of frying without oil

Yes, you read it right. It is possible to fry without oil, although it is not very usual. Until now, when we wanted to opt for a healthy-low-fat diet, the oven and griddle became our allies. However, the technology, in continuous advance, has allowed to create appliances that fry foods almost without using oil.

Thus, the traditional benefits of having a low-fat diet have added other advantages provided by these new tools. Today we are going to review in this post everything you will gain by freidora sin aceite opiniones 2017.


In these appliances, we will hardly need a spoonful of oil to fry our food, which will allow a considerable saving in this ingredient that will affect our pocket.

Less oily foods

By using less oil, we will taste less greasy foods and therefore less heavy on our palate and digestion, turning completely the experience of eating fried.

Avoid odors

One of the “side effects” when using the conventional fryer is the accumulation of odors in the kitchen. When frying without oil, we avoid the fumes and the excess of odors.


Forget those baskets with burnt and stuck remains, that oil almost impossible to clean as much as you scrub. The maintenance of these new fryers is much more comfortable and simple.


Thanks to the small amount of oil they need, the risk of splashing is minimal, making their use safer. In addition, they are very easy to use appliances that will help you make your day to day easier.

In short, thanks to these new fryers without oil you will not have to give up croquettes, nuggets, potatoes and other fried. You will find different models in the market, although we recommend this one of the brand San Ignacio . It has a capacity of up to 3 liters and you will find it for only 50 euros. One more reason to start frying your food without oil.

Bath and hygiene, order and cleanliness for health in your home

The bathroom is one of the spaces of the house where paradoxically come together the actions of corporal hygiene with those of elimination of the physiological waste. This unique situation must be added that it is usually the place with the highest concentration of water points and, therefore, the most prone site for the development of problems of humidities with fungi and bacteria that may adversely affect the health of its inhabitants, now the best toilets reviews are here:

The variety of fungi and their effects is very long and varied, many of these with serious health consequences. The fungi that are generated in the interior of the houses usually do it in zones with humidities and in low light. To avoid fungal development it is necessary to take into account structural aspects in the building , as well as a series of habits that affect hygiene and order.

As the experts indicate, already from the distributive level of the stay this fact must be taken into account. One of the main ways to prevent the appearance of fungi is to have at least onewindow of quality that gives it natural ventilation, preferably located and oriented in a way that maximizes the hours of sun exposure. In addition, it is advisable to equip surfaces with materials that are easy to clean and disinfect, and in case of painted spaces, the paint must be resistant to washing and disinfectants and better if it is specific to avoid the development of fungi: The more ventilated and With more than hours of direct sunlight exposure counting the stay, less likely will be the appearance of these fungal agents .

And if you think about the main sources of bacterial agents in the toilets the main is none other than the toilet . A fact contributed by the world experts in this field ‘The Atlantic Charles Gerba’ that usually goes unnoticed is that not lowering the lid of the toilet can help that the fecal germs can move up to almost two meters when the chain is pulled. To this must be added the importance of maintaining a good and constant thorough cleaning . The disinfection of the room is vital to maintain a healthy home, and this also includes the correct maintenance of the gel bottles, shampoo … Their remains, in the furniture and in the covers themselves, can be quickly contaminated by fungi and bacteria.

Another focus of bacteria in the bathroom is the faucets , very careful to skip them when cleaning. It is advisable to know well the material and its best technique to proceed and always do both the visible and the internal part.

Just as important is the proper conservation of toothbrushes , a tool that has a direct contact with the oral cavity of its users. Keep them upright in places where there is no direct exposure of environmental agents in the area or use a lid to protect them (but be careful if the brush is completely dry or otherwise the bristles will be a suitable shelter for: staphylococci , Yeast, intestinal bacteria …) can significantly decrease the number of occupants of these infectious agents.

In order to prevent the proliferation of these in the houses and reduce their harmful effects on the inhabitants of the same, it is always recommended to follow the recommendations provided throughout the article for the care of distribution, hygiene and order of This problematic stay.

Benefits of sport fishing for your physical and mental health


Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – Everything for fishing (10)

Being fishing at the seashore has numerous benefits for our health; If we add constant and moderate exercise for several hours , the state of concentration required and the illusion that moves us, we will be designing an almost perfect recipe for our well-being.

And we are not talking about any miracle medicine and no healing plant, but about the practice of ….


Therapeutic sport fishing

Although many think that the only valid practice to relax the senses or improve our permanent state of alert is the krill fishing in the purest Asian style (there in Asia is implemented in ponds with tents, here in Spain in our brave and beautiful Rocks with mojarras and sargos …).

The reality is that all forms of sport fishing, whether surfcasting , spinning , rockfishing, choosing the best baitcaster or eighth, even sport fishing from boat, have enormous benefits:

I dare speak openly of therapy in this case; because therapy is not lying on a couch and tell a therapist what you’re worried or concerned you have therapy is to balance body, mind, soul , and in the process the sport fishing can come help us perfect many of us.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – All for fishing (3)
Fishing with family is always the best option
And although we do not all take the practice of sport fishing alike, we all get their benefits to a greater or lesser extent, depends on our disposition, permeability and adaptation to it, so if we propose we can enjoy the sport fishing And its many benefits throughout the year; To fish in autumn or winter, besides being advisable because in these seasons we will perhaps have better opportunities for good catches, is to align ourselves with the environment in its cycles and natural changes , since in the end we are all connected with nature , Whether we like it or not, we feel better in touch with it.

Sport fishing, a matter of the moment

The practice of sport fishing can be a desperate exercise for those who “need” to obtain results, fill the bucket, fish more than anyone, but can also be really beneficial and healthy for those who simply go fishing to enjoy the moment , The environment, the company and, if possible, the catches.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – All for fishing (1)
Sometimes big catches will give us great satisfaction
It is more a matter of wanting than needing, and in that line we are moving more and more fans of sport fishing, we are attracted to catches, of course, who does not like to catch one afternoon three golden ones of several kilos, Or a good sized herring fishery?

But from there to having fun if the day is not conducive, the fish do not appear or if we are not responding as the circumstances demand, there is a big difference. The important thing is to begin to consider the action of the sport fishing almost as a meditation , because in fact it is to a good extent.

It is like a good exercise in which no matter the noises, or what happens around us, what is important is to be in the moment, to feel it, to observe it, to taste it . It is, remembering what many times our veterans have told us in the hunt or the perch, “to be in what must be” .

Disconnect practicing the sport fishing

Try to disconnect a while from the world while you are fishing, that “during” is unique; Leave the mobile, forget the social networks, are not constantly in virtual communication with other people, live the moment and share it with your fishing partners.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – Everything for fishing (9)
The beginnings of fishing are always exciting
Try it, then you will realize the dependence we have with network communication. Remember your father or grandfather who, at most, took a transistor to the beach to hear the news or football during the long days of sport fishing.

Do not want to catch the catch of the day to quickly hang the photo on Facebook or Twitter, the catch is lived on the beach or river at any time, is enjoyed in the previous time, in the course and at the time of the reward .

Already, there is nothing to prove to anyone , that experience is yours, full, enjoy it, and if you already have several good catches then, at that moment, thank nature for the new opportunity and quickly return that fish to the water, your emotions Have already vibrated, now that life continues for him and his cycle.

Sport fishing as a physical activity

Going out to practice sport fishing does not involve a high intensity physical activity or too demanding, except specific days in complicated fishing boats and away from where we can leave the car; But focusing on what could be considered a normal day of fishing, the movement from the car to the fishing post entails an exercise that can be the beginning of the warm-up needed to start fishing.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – Everything for fishing (8)
Fishing with friends is a very comforting activity
In this regard, be very careful about loading with excessive weight or displace it improperly, the first thing that we suffer is the back and the lumbar area , and both are fundamental in the throw.

It should be mandatory for everyone to begin fishing with a few minutes of physical exercise , it is necessary to warm up and then be able to develop the necessary action with certain guarantees against an injury; But not only for this but to be able to better develop our physical potential put at the service of the fishing lance in its different modalities, or to manage a long corchera cane pulse for hours.

Before we go fishing, it is advisable to perform some gentle exercises of waist, arms, legs, back and neck ; Heats wrists, knees, ankles, hands …, you need your body to execute the sets well and to use their resources efficiently during hours that can be demanding.

The usual thing is to enter a sustained cadence of sets, waits, goings and turns of the cane makers to the post , and all this is an exercise of medium or mild intensity, but exercise, and also developed in an environment of the most pleasant and beneficial that we can find.

Breathing on bids

We do not usually realize that we breathe badly, even very badly . We have become accustomed to breathing superficially, fast, busy, choppy, as if that does not have the greatest importance, but it has, and to do so in this way, will be against us.

If you observe a baby, or your pet, you will see how they breathe normally filling the abdominal area and slightly the chest area; This is normal, only in case of exercise, nervousness or something that startles them, they resort to an accelerated breathing and clearly chest.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – All for fishing (6)
Nature and sport fisherman all in one
Constant breathing with what we could call “the chest” has its drawbacks, among which we can cite a greater tendency to nervousness or a lower quality of oxygen transported in blood; To top it off, breathing in a superficial or choppy way, in our pulmonary system are many remnants of vitiated air that we do not expel, and this is not too good … “expelling with our contractions by laughing with force these remains of air that commented.

While you are waiting for the bites try to breathe filling your abdominal area , you will not breathe with the small, quiet intestine … but if you are going to expand the lower area of ​​your lungs , you will massage the area of ​​the diaphragm, and air quality Which you breathe on the shore of the sea will do the rest to benefit from your interior, and all this while practicing the sport fishing.

He commented on the benefits of laughter, and the truth is that in the fishing days , with a relaxed atmosphere with the companions, we often laugh every two by three; But also the practice of the lance benefits us in this sense. If you work your lace technique you will see how you mobilize a lot of muscles of your body, including the abdominal muscles.

Actually when we launched and we do well we tightened the abdominal muscles and pushed (emptying the air) the lower area of ​​the lungs , with the result that I referred to before with respect to laughter: we took out the rest of old and vicious air that we kept in That area. Try it, you’ll see how it works.

The sport fisherman every day better

Another singularity in our benefit of the practice of sport fishing on our coasts is the increasing sustainable vision of catches , something that allows us to balance our eagerness as born predators located at the highest level of the food chain (man occupies for good and For evil, the highest place of the ladder of predators that inhabit the Earth) with the coherence of the current state of the sea and its beings.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – Everything for fishing (2)
Capture and release
Thus it is not uncommon to see how every day they return to the sea in just a few seconds a good amount of catches that we will not consume , or that they do not have a sufficient size even surpassing the legal measure. This not only benefits the sea, also enter into the image of the fisher’s conscience, morality, self-concept and self-image as a person, protagonist of the moment and action.

Each of us has our particular way of seeing ourselves, of identifying ourselves, of interpreting ourselves and is precisely through actions in solidarity with the environment and with others, and with actions that comfort us, as we manage to raise the quality and value of our perception, We interpret ourselves as better people, because in reality carrying out these actions, we are.

Sport fishing, catch and release

There are those who argue that only capture and release is valuable because it is the maximum possible expression of solidarity, but I would say that it is not quite so; In our archaic background, very present in our genetic and behavioral reality, there are traces of hunter, fisherman, collector …, we do not need to go through the forest or marsh collecting or capturing everything we can to survive, but deep down We are comforted by a certain degree of feeling like effective predators and gatherers , it is like a certain guarantee of survival.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – All for fishing (4)

I firmly believe that a sea bass, a sea bream, some bream or bream , good sized specimens that we have captured cleanly and without tricks, overcoming the setbacks that the medium poses to us, are a very good reward for bringing home and cooking , and if Can be share them with family or friends and enjoy that evening, better than better.

That pardon of fish in favorable days, when we already have what we need to eat or to dine of so special form and thanking the sea so extraordinary gift, it is worth its weight in gold; Without dragging the catch in the sand or catching it in any way, not harming its scales or its lateral line, and returning that fish to the water , full of life, with thanks and with the illusion of perhaps finding ourselves New in a few months, is a gift to nature and to ourselves.

And is that sport fishing may be one of the most comforting activities we can do, do not you think?

If you liked this post you may be interested to know more about the types and techniques of sport fishing.

“Let the fishing accompany you !!!”

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