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Benefits of sport fishing for your physical and mental health


Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – Everything for fishing (10)

Being fishing at the seashore has numerous benefits for our health; If we add constant and moderate exercise for several hours , the state of concentration required and the illusion that moves us, we will be designing an almost perfect recipe for our well-being.

And we are not talking about any miracle medicine and no healing plant, but about the practice of ….


Therapeutic sport fishing

Although many think that the only valid practice to relax the senses or improve our permanent state of alert is the krill fishing in the purest Asian style (there in Asia is implemented in ponds with tents, here in Spain in our brave and beautiful Rocks with mojarras and sargos …).

The reality is that all forms of sport fishing, whether surfcasting , spinning , rockfishing, choosing the best baitcaster or eighth, even sport fishing from boat, have enormous benefits:

I dare speak openly of therapy in this case; because therapy is not lying on a couch and tell a therapist what you’re worried or concerned you have therapy is to balance body, mind, soul , and in the process the sport fishing can come help us perfect many of us.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – All for fishing (3)
Fishing with family is always the best option
And although we do not all take the practice of sport fishing alike, we all get their benefits to a greater or lesser extent, depends on our disposition, permeability and adaptation to it, so if we propose we can enjoy the sport fishing And its many benefits throughout the year; To fish in autumn or winter, besides being advisable because in these seasons we will perhaps have better opportunities for good catches, is to align ourselves with the environment in its cycles and natural changes , since in the end we are all connected with nature , Whether we like it or not, we feel better in touch with it.

Sport fishing, a matter of the moment

The practice of sport fishing can be a desperate exercise for those who “need” to obtain results, fill the bucket, fish more than anyone, but can also be really beneficial and healthy for those who simply go fishing to enjoy the moment , The environment, the company and, if possible, the catches.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – All for fishing (1)
Sometimes big catches will give us great satisfaction
It is more a matter of wanting than needing, and in that line we are moving more and more fans of sport fishing, we are attracted to catches, of course, who does not like to catch one afternoon three golden ones of several kilos, Or a good sized herring fishery?

But from there to having fun if the day is not conducive, the fish do not appear or if we are not responding as the circumstances demand, there is a big difference. The important thing is to begin to consider the action of the sport fishing almost as a meditation , because in fact it is to a good extent.

It is like a good exercise in which no matter the noises, or what happens around us, what is important is to be in the moment, to feel it, to observe it, to taste it . It is, remembering what many times our veterans have told us in the hunt or the perch, “to be in what must be” .

Disconnect practicing the sport fishing

Try to disconnect a while from the world while you are fishing, that “during” is unique; Leave the mobile, forget the social networks, are not constantly in virtual communication with other people, live the moment and share it with your fishing partners.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – Everything for fishing (9)
The beginnings of fishing are always exciting
Try it, then you will realize the dependence we have with network communication. Remember your father or grandfather who, at most, took a transistor to the beach to hear the news or football during the long days of sport fishing.

Do not want to catch the catch of the day to quickly hang the photo on Facebook or Twitter, the catch is lived on the beach or river at any time, is enjoyed in the previous time, in the course and at the time of the reward .

Already, there is nothing to prove to anyone , that experience is yours, full, enjoy it, and if you already have several good catches then, at that moment, thank nature for the new opportunity and quickly return that fish to the water, your emotions Have already vibrated, now that life continues for him and his cycle.

Sport fishing as a physical activity

Going out to practice sport fishing does not involve a high intensity physical activity or too demanding, except specific days in complicated fishing boats and away from where we can leave the car; But focusing on what could be considered a normal day of fishing, the movement from the car to the fishing post entails an exercise that can be the beginning of the warm-up needed to start fishing.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – Everything for fishing (8)
Fishing with friends is a very comforting activity
In this regard, be very careful about loading with excessive weight or displace it improperly, the first thing that we suffer is the back and the lumbar area , and both are fundamental in the throw.

It should be mandatory for everyone to begin fishing with a few minutes of physical exercise , it is necessary to warm up and then be able to develop the necessary action with certain guarantees against an injury; But not only for this but to be able to better develop our physical potential put at the service of the fishing lance in its different modalities, or to manage a long corchera cane pulse for hours.

Before we go fishing, it is advisable to perform some gentle exercises of waist, arms, legs, back and neck ; Heats wrists, knees, ankles, hands …, you need your body to execute the sets well and to use their resources efficiently during hours that can be demanding.

The usual thing is to enter a sustained cadence of sets, waits, goings and turns of the cane makers to the post , and all this is an exercise of medium or mild intensity, but exercise, and also developed in an environment of the most pleasant and beneficial that we can find.

Breathing on bids

We do not usually realize that we breathe badly, even very badly . We have become accustomed to breathing superficially, fast, busy, choppy, as if that does not have the greatest importance, but it has, and to do so in this way, will be against us.

If you observe a baby, or your pet, you will see how they breathe normally filling the abdominal area and slightly the chest area; This is normal, only in case of exercise, nervousness or something that startles them, they resort to an accelerated breathing and clearly chest.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – All for fishing (6)
Nature and sport fisherman all in one
Constant breathing with what we could call “the chest” has its drawbacks, among which we can cite a greater tendency to nervousness or a lower quality of oxygen transported in blood; To top it off, breathing in a superficial or choppy way, in our pulmonary system are many remnants of vitiated air that we do not expel, and this is not too good … “expelling with our contractions by laughing with force these remains of air that commented.

While you are waiting for the bites try to breathe filling your abdominal area , you will not breathe with the small, quiet intestine … but if you are going to expand the lower area of ​​your lungs , you will massage the area of ​​the diaphragm, and air quality Which you breathe on the shore of the sea will do the rest to benefit from your interior, and all this while practicing the sport fishing.

He commented on the benefits of laughter, and the truth is that in the fishing days , with a relaxed atmosphere with the companions, we often laugh every two by three; But also the practice of the lance benefits us in this sense. If you work your lace technique you will see how you mobilize a lot of muscles of your body, including the abdominal muscles.

Actually when we launched and we do well we tightened the abdominal muscles and pushed (emptying the air) the lower area of ​​the lungs , with the result that I referred to before with respect to laughter: we took out the rest of old and vicious air that we kept in That area. Try it, you’ll see how it works.

The sport fisherman every day better

Another singularity in our benefit of the practice of sport fishing on our coasts is the increasing sustainable vision of catches , something that allows us to balance our eagerness as born predators located at the highest level of the food chain (man occupies for good and For evil, the highest place of the ladder of predators that inhabit the Earth) with the coherence of the current state of the sea and its beings.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – Everything for fishing (2)
Capture and release
Thus it is not uncommon to see how every day they return to the sea in just a few seconds a good amount of catches that we will not consume , or that they do not have a sufficient size even surpassing the legal measure. This not only benefits the sea, also enter into the image of the fisher’s conscience, morality, self-concept and self-image as a person, protagonist of the moment and action.

Each of us has our particular way of seeing ourselves, of identifying ourselves, of interpreting ourselves and is precisely through actions in solidarity with the environment and with others, and with actions that comfort us, as we manage to raise the quality and value of our perception, We interpret ourselves as better people, because in reality carrying out these actions, we are.

Sport fishing, catch and release

There are those who argue that only capture and release is valuable because it is the maximum possible expression of solidarity, but I would say that it is not quite so; In our archaic background, very present in our genetic and behavioral reality, there are traces of hunter, fisherman, collector …, we do not need to go through the forest or marsh collecting or capturing everything we can to survive, but deep down We are comforted by a certain degree of feeling like effective predators and gatherers , it is like a certain guarantee of survival.

Sport fishing gives us unparalleled physical and mental benefits – All for fishing (4)

I firmly believe that a sea bass, a sea bream, some bream or bream , good sized specimens that we have captured cleanly and without tricks, overcoming the setbacks that the medium poses to us, are a very good reward for bringing home and cooking , and if Can be share them with family or friends and enjoy that evening, better than better.

That pardon of fish in favorable days, when we already have what we need to eat or to dine of so special form and thanking the sea so extraordinary gift, it is worth its weight in gold; Without dragging the catch in the sand or catching it in any way, not harming its scales or its lateral line, and returning that fish to the water , full of life, with thanks and with the illusion of perhaps finding ourselves New in a few months, is a gift to nature and to ourselves.

And is that sport fishing may be one of the most comforting activities we can do, do not you think?

If you liked this post you may be interested to know more about the types and techniques of sport fishing.

“Let the fishing accompany you !!!”

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