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Holistic Health Network and all of the other resource directories run by Theta Network are the result of my experience trying to find a place to learn Tai Chi. I had been looking for a place to take classes in Tai Chi for a number of years. When I went on the web I found hundreds of pages of schools, but none of them near me. I finally saw a small ad in my local newspaper and discovered that there have been several practitioners near me for years.

I am convinced the Internet can be used to more effectively help people find practitioners and resources for personal growth.

These sites are all about helping people find practitioners near them. We will do two things:

  • We will appear at or near the top of most search engines.

  • We will open the listing to anyone who offers services in Tai Chi or related areas. Anyone can have a free listing which will offer their:

    •     Name
    •     Company (School Name)
    •     Telephone Number

Anyone looking for a teacher can type in their Country, State and City and they will be given a list of contacts in their area.

Practitioners will have an opportunity to buy, for only $10.00 per month, enhanced listings to describe their schools. Compared to the pricing of Internet Yellow Pages, Phone Books or Newspapers this is very inexpensive. This will allow the smaller schools to advertise effectively without breaking their bank.

Helping communities grow is what we are all about. Holistic Health Network is here to help you grow in Holistic Health and its related disciplines.

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