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Bath and hygiene, order and cleanliness for health in your home

The bathroom is one of the spaces of the house where paradoxically come together the actions of corporal hygiene with those of elimination of the physiological waste. This unique situation must be added that it is usually the place with the highest concentration of water points and, therefore, the most prone site for the development of problems of humidities with fungi and bacteria that may adversely affect the health of its inhabitants, now the best toilets reviews are here:

The variety of fungi and their effects is very long and varied, many of these with serious health consequences. The fungi that are generated in the interior of the houses usually do it in zones with humidities and in low light. To avoid fungal development it is necessary to take into account structural aspects in the building , as well as a series of habits that affect hygiene and order.

As the experts indicate, already from the distributive level of the stay this fact must be taken into account. One of the main ways to prevent the appearance of fungi is to have at least onewindow of quality that gives it natural ventilation, preferably located and oriented in a way that maximizes the hours of sun exposure. In addition, it is advisable to equip surfaces with materials that are easy to clean and disinfect, and in case of painted spaces, the paint must be resistant to washing and disinfectants and better if it is specific to avoid the development of fungi: The more ventilated and With more than hours of direct sunlight exposure counting the stay, less likely will be the appearance of these fungal agents .

And if you think about the main sources of bacterial agents in the toilets the main is none other than the toilet . A fact contributed by the world experts in this field ‘The Atlantic Charles Gerba’ that usually goes unnoticed is that not lowering the lid of the toilet can help that the fecalĀ germs can move up to almost two meters when the chain is pulled. To this must be added the importance of maintaining a good and constant thorough cleaning . The disinfection of the room is vital to maintain a healthy home, and this also includes the correct maintenance of the gel bottles, shampoo … Their remains, in the furniture and in the covers themselves, can be quickly contaminated by fungi and bacteria.

Another focus of bacteria in the bathroom is the faucets , very careful to skip them when cleaning. It is advisable to know well the material and its best technique to proceed and always do both the visible and the internal part.

Just as important is the proper conservation of toothbrushes , a tool that has a direct contact with the oral cavity of its users. Keep them upright in places where there is no direct exposure of environmental agents in the area or use a lid to protect them (but be careful if the brush is completely dry or otherwise the bristles will be a suitable shelter for: staphylococci , Yeast, intestinal bacteria …) can significantly decrease the number of occupants of these infectious agents.

In order to prevent the proliferation of these in the houses and reduce their harmful effects on the inhabitants of the same, it is always recommended to follow the recommendations provided throughout the article for the care of distribution, hygiene and order of This problematic stay.

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