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Ciudad Real Hospital creates a collaborative gynecological care network with health centers and pharmacies

The General University Hospital of Ciudad Real, a subsidiary of the Health Service of Castilla-La Mancha, hosts the second Manchega Women’s Encounter Forum (FEMMA), a platform that gathers more than A hundred professionals with the aim of improving gynecological care and solving women’s most frequent doubts about their health.

To this end, a collaborative gynecological care network is established, in which family doctors, midwives, gynecologists and pharmacists participate, forming a “care chain to provide the best assistance to women and solve their gynecological doubts quickly.”

This was explained at the inauguration of the forum by Dr. Javier Haya, head of the Gynecology and Obstetrics, you can also visit here www.midatlanticobgyn.com.


Service of Ciudad Real and promoter of the meeting, whose contribution is from the outset “to establish the same clinical care protocols and strengthen the gynecological knowledge of the Health professionals in different fields including the pharmaceutical sector. ”

Pharmacies “are a fundamental link”, because no matter how far a person is from the health center will always find a pharmacy nearby in which to solve their most basic doubts. “Without these initial interventions, many problems would have required clinical attention,” says Haya in a forum where the president of the Association of Pharmacists of Ciudad Real, Francisco José Izquierdo, participated.

For its part, the Provincial Director of Health, Francisco José García, has opted to promote comprehensive training and work in collaboration with the various professional colleges by expanding the participation of Primary Care, Nursing and Midwifery professionals.

It is a matter of promoting the “transversality of knowledge” that results in better attention to the most frequent gynecological problems, he added. Also, Garcia has encouraged to add the experience of the College of Nursing, whose contribution will be valuable to improve the care circuit.

Main news

Among the main novelties of the scientific program that has articulated this second edition of the Meeting Forum on Manchega Women is the vaccine against recurrent candidiasis, a type of habitual infection caused by the fungus Candida albicans, for which a Innovative final solution in collaboration with the University of Alcalá de Henares.

The most frequent gynecological pathologies such as fibroids, polycystic ovary or adnexal formations, as well as their follow-up by the Gynecology department have been analyzed by Dr. Vanessa Aguilar, who has completed with Dr. Jesús Salinas and Guillermo Romero, responsible Of the areas of Urology of the San Carlos Clinic of Madrid and of Dermatology of the City Hospital, respectively, the training program of the morning.

In the second phase of the meeting, the women’s most frequent doubts regarding emergency contraception, the obstetric card as a necessary resource for pregnancy monitoring, the interpretation of a cytology or the early detection of cervical cancer, As well as the novelties that exist for the detection of fetal chromosomopathies.

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