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Diet and health for your wedding

In today’s article we will focus on those who need to lose a few kilos and do not know where to start. But I gave you a couple of announcements before:

  1. Maybe you’re here to lose weight for your wedding and you should be careful with that. Ask yourself: Do you really need it or do it to be thinner, more “models”? We recommend you be well aware of the difference.

  2. If the question is that you really need to lose weight for your wedding, keep in mind that it is not only for your wedding, it is for your life , for your health, not to feel good one day, but all the days of your life.

    Notices given, let’s go for the tips!

    • Mentality = will. The first step you should take to lose weight is to train your mind. If you want to lose weight but your mind does not stop shouting: “I want an ice cream!” “Go into the bakery!” “Total, we’re never going to lose weight” “I do not want to exercise, it’s very hot” “This effort is not good for nothing “, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to continue with the diet, or go to the gym, or refuse the dessert. If you manage to correct your thoughts, you will create an auspicious attitude, with a strong will, that will pave the way for you.

    • No to self-deception. This point has a lot to do with the previous one. If you deceive yourself saying that you eat well or that you do enough exercise, and it is not, you will be moving away from your goal, without achieving any results.

    • Go to a nutritionist. This is of vital importance to avoid rebound diets or those lacking essential nutrients. Here we remind you that eating fat is not bad, nor is skipping breakfast, but restricting food is, and watch out! That many foods that sell us as healthy are not really.

    • Exercise. And if it is in the best company. That’s why we advise you to go to a gym and do group activities. Not only for sports, it is also a perfect place to socialize and disconnect a little from the daily burden.

    • Beware of stress. At this point in life you will already know what happens to you with stress: there are people whose appetites are open; others eat less. Keep in mind what your case is and try not to be affected: both ends are bad for your health.

    And we could continue with the advice but as a base, these seem quite interesting to take into account. Remember that this is not only for the day of your wedding photography, or to feel beautiful. The really important thing is that you get favorable results and you are able to maintain them throughout your life, together with that of your partner. If you are going to be together “in both health and illness”, it is always better in health, right?

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