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Drinking coffee is good for your health

There are many people who can not give their day started without one, two or three cups of coffee from singapore coffee machine rental, a liquid that leaves us ready to face reality, something more awake. But this drink also has other health benefits .

There is an idea that coffee is bad for our body, but doctors have discovered a number of good benefits for our body that come from coffee consumption . Do you want to know what they are?

Lower risk of diabetes

Unless you drink your coffee with six tablespoons of sugar, its consumption has been shown to reduce the chances of suffering from type II diabetes , a condition detected more frequently.

For every cup of coffee we drink daily, the risk drops by 7%, reaching a daily limit of 63%. That yes, must be linked to healthy habits of food and exercise.

Prevents Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s

These two debilitating diseases that attack the nervous system have been shown to be less common among those who consume coffee on a regular basis.

In the case of Alzheimer’s , the risk decreases by up to 60% and as for Parkinson’s , the decrease goes between 32% and 64%.

Protection of the liver

That coffee that we drink to revive after a night of drinking, would have more benefits than helping us overcome that drunkenness.

Coffee reduces the risk of cirrhosis, a condition that can lead to total liver failure and also prevents the chances of liver cancer .

Physical state

If you want to be slim and in optimal physical condition, coffee can be your ally, since consuming it improves the metabolism and removes the fatty acids from the muscles.

Likewise, athletes who drink coffee proved to have a better sport performance.

The benefits are greater, because thanks to the amount of antioxidants , vitamins and essential minerals that are present in coffee, it is one of the richest foods in these important substances for our body.

Coffee is not a medicine

As they say that having a glass of wine a day helps your heart, consuming coffee in a moderate way is beneficial for your health. But if we go to drink several glasses of wine or ten cups of coffee, the negative will surpass the positive.

If you drink coffee , avoid supplementing it with sugar or a large amount of artificial sweeteners and do not drink too close to bedtime, it can complicate you at the time of falling asleep.

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