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Eat healthy and without waste when traveling by plane

When we travel by plane we are accustomed to eating the food that the www delta extranet airline provides us, that is, a hot meal and a snack, two complete meals and a round of drinks. It all depends on the duration of the flight. When we begin to eat in a conscious way, those packaged dishes are anything but appetizing.

At the end of November I traveled to New York, to visit my sister and accompany her to buy her wedding dress . Just one day before my flight I remembered that my trip would last about 10 hours, a little more, between transfer to the capital, waiting time, flight with its food full of conservatives. So I decided to prepare my takeaways , but before long a little research was going on.

It turns out that you can take your food, you can pass them for safety and enjoy them in your seat during the flight, but there are some points to consider – especially with liquids.

A lunch box is useful

This is a good opportunity to prepare a bento very Japanese style or remember the collations that our mother prepared us for school. You can also improvise with refractories you have at home.

If you want to take your drink prepared, as long as you take it before you go through security. At this point it is very important to consider that no liquids pass above 100 milliliters – including dressings -. Bring more coffee or tea for the flight, just ask for some hot water for your thermos and ready.

No metal cutlery

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to climb with knives or metal forks. So it’s a good time to invest in a set of bamboo cutlery to carry – even so, I recommend that you do not take the knife by the hand. Better to prevent!

Consider travel times

In my case, I left the house at 01:00 am, I arrived at the airport at 4:00 p.m. and my flight left at 7:00 p.m., at 14:00 I was already in the streets of Manhattan. I thought of bringing enough for a small snack, breakfast and lunch, which brings us to the next point.

Plan your menu

Considering the hours, the transfer and the moments of the trip, in addition to what I had at the time in the cupboard, I prepared the following in a large refractory, with smaller ones inside:

  • Leaves for green tea
  • Chai tea blend
  • Alfalfa germ sandwich, avocado and lots of spinach with ezequiel bread
  • Quinoa salad with lemon and walnuts
  • Organic almond butter and blueberries sandwich
  • A serving of dehydrated fruit
  • Delicious kale chips
  • A bit of natural stevia – fearing a bit to be stopped by, you know

In general, nutritious, natural and complete foods, following a conscious , prepared food at home.

In the end I enjoyed the process, preparing my own food, sharing them on the trip – I had to sit next to a beautiful elderly couple, who were fascinated with my flight lunch.

Finally, the whole process was carried out without generating garbage, or waste – such as plastic cutlery, unicel glasses, napkins, packaging – being aware of the environmental impact generated (as well as paying my CO2 bonus to compensate for the trip ).

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