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Five health benefits of frying without oil

Yes, you read it right. It is possible to fry without oil, although it is not very usual. Until now, when we wanted to opt for a healthy-low-fat diet, the oven and griddle became our allies. However, the technology, in continuous advance, has allowed to create appliances that fry foods almost without using oil.

Thus, the traditional benefits of having a low-fat diet have added other advantages provided by these new tools. Today we are going to review in this post everything you will gain by freidora sin aceite opiniones 2017.


In these appliances, we will hardly need a spoonful of oil to fry our food, which will allow a considerable saving in this ingredient that will affect our pocket.

Less oily foods

By using less oil, we will taste less greasy foods and therefore less heavy on our palate and digestion, turning completely the experience of eating fried.

Avoid odors

One of the “side effects” when using the conventional fryer is the accumulation of odors in the kitchen. When frying without oil, we avoid the fumes and the excess of odors.


Forget those baskets with burnt and stuck remains, that oil almost impossible to clean as much as you scrub. The maintenance of these new fryers is much more comfortable and simple.


Thanks to the small amount of oil they need, the risk of splashing is minimal, making their use safer. In addition, they are very easy to use appliances that will help you make your day to day easier.

In short, thanks to these new fryers without oil you will not have to give up croquettes, nuggets, potatoes and other fried. You will find different models in the market, although we recommend this one of the brand San Ignacio . It has a capacity of up to 3 liters and you will find it for only 50 euros. One more reason to start frying your food without oil.

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