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Four Benefits of Using Vacuum Cleaner vs. Broom

New vacuum cleaners from Electrolux have the Hepa Filter, which filters out more than 99.9% of the dust particles.

One of the main goals of cleaning tasks is to free the home from pollutants that may affect the health of the family.

For example, when sweeping we seek to eliminate dust and waste that cause disease, but is it really?

Jorge Luis Ramirez, an Electrolux vacuum cleaner , tells us no: it is better to use the best budget vacuum, as the broom does not totally eliminate the dust and can influence the occurrence of allergies. The expert then gives us 4 reasons why it is better to use a vacuum cleaner than a broom:

1. Saving time .
The vacuum cleaner performs this job in 5 times less time than the broom. In 3 minutes you can finish with the task that the broom would end in 15, which leaves you 80% of the time you usually devote to cleaning to do something else.

2. Performance .
The broom does not clean completely, as it always leaves some residue, while the vacuum cleaner absorbs up to 99% of dust and impurities.

3. Health care .
The broom raises the dust and mites it contains, while the vacuum cleaner absorbs and prevents direct contact with the dust. This influences the reduction of allergies and respiratory diseases.

4. Ergonomics .
The disproportionate size of the broom compared to the average height of a person, generates bending of the back with the prolonged use. For its part, the vacuum cleaner allows a better posture, because it has accessories that prolong the hose making it an ergonomic tool.

According to the model, the new Vacuum cleaners have different compartments where dust is stored and prevents direct contact with who cleans. In addition, all have a HEPA filter , a feature that allows filtering of the smallest particles, absorbing up to 99, 9% powder, and is specially designed for allergy sufferers, as it will prevent sneezing and discomfort during cleaning.

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