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Health and Wellness Applications for BlackBerry

Just as our cell phones have become tools for taking pictures and listening to music, they are now elements that we find almost impossible to do without, that we take everywhere and that we use to complete tasks in which a device was previously unthinkable. Thus, the mobility of the  smartphone  has led developers to see the potential in the creation of applications that help lead a healthier life.

In a world where some blame the mobile technology of human sedentary, the development of devices and applications equipped to keep us healthy has been responsible for giving gadgets uses that contribute to the benefit of our health. These devices range from accessories designed to monitor our movements, breathing and beats to sensors installed in our smartphones that are responsible for recording the phases of sleep informing us if we are resting enough. In this context, there is a lot of profit that can be made to smartphones or  tablet PCs.

These applications vary in purpose and way of achieving it, the menu is varied, for example: there are applications that realize a caloric account of our daily foods and suggest changes in our eating habits, there is a sea of ​​different applications that help us to exercise, from a gym coach on your screen until calorie counter burned by activity performed (whether walking to work, climbing stairs or riding a bicycle). Others are designed to monitor some medical conditions such as diabetes or hypertension, being not only beneficial for health but also providing invaluable information for the treatment of the patient.

Other applications focus on providing information on nutritional content of foods. Including popular foods and differentiating between dangerous level of health and physical wellbeing through tests and calculations such as Body Mass Index (BMI), optimal heart rate and more.

Top Ten Review  recently published the ranking of the best applications to keep fit for BlackBerry PGP phones, here we passed the review of the Top 3:

1. Ascendo Fitnes

Taking into account your height, age, weight and gender this application automatically shows a comparison of your idea weight, BMI and basal metabolism in contrast to your current reality. Once your goal is established, this application helps you achieve it with a variety of tools that allow you to enter consumed foods, measure daily activity, as well as graph and predict the time it will take to reach your goal.

2. Gym Technik Review

This application helps you plan and monitor your routine in the gym, as well as suggest new exercises to complement your routine. Easy to use and free, Gym Technik Review is indispensable for gym fanatics and novices alike.


3. Total Fitness 2.0

This application computes your age, sex, height, weight and general activity level to calculate your basal metabolic rate. Already informed allows you to enter your ideal weight and the date on which you would like to reach it. The program then tells you how many calories you need to burn daily according to your diet. As you progress toward your weight and fitness goals, the program will automatically adjust the rate of your metabolism.

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